i think derrick is the main character
im an edgy side character with lots of fanart
i'm the sexy one that derrick gets with in the end


「info board」

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please dump info and resources of any kind here; site-related or otherwise
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「Warning: Be wary of frauds like Estrolabs」

Estrolabs is a fraud and worse than a fraud Estrolabs is a fraud to detrans our bodies, and be wary of the possibility of similar frauds. I'm not going to get into DIY for my own safety and for this sites safety, I can't answer any questions you may have about DIY I'm sorry just know... (Estrolabs is FTM HRT transphobically disguised as MTF HRT, and the dose is way too high even for FTM/cis male purposes, plus it has LITERAL POISON in it). If you do need DIY do NOT buy from Estrolabs.

Saying this cause the message needs to be spread far and fast as possible. That's all and stay safe everyone.
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>>467310 anyone whose considered to be white may become a neo-nazi, not like any individual but like anyone of any group/subgroup including trans women can... It just shows that, even though trans women are near the bottom of soecietal hierarchies that even being a trans woman isn't enough in and of itself to prevent someone from becomign a neo nazi. one of the first things i learned years ago was that, some neo nazis are attracted to trans women, and that being considered white is enough to make some individuals become neo nazis. I used to assume that cause i never had a nazi phase that no trans women did and that being a trans woman is why i never had a nazi phase, but then i learned the hard way that it was my brain being different and not being a trans women that made me never have a nazi phase

you didn't turn on wormlang in the board settings
i wish this was my board cause i would make it cool and epic
u can make ur own board

>>465220 awww thank you anon puurrrpurrrpurrrr =^_^=
>>465284 tell us MOAR about /origin/ mewmew


「The Boymoder's Paradox」

>The Boymoder's Paradox

boymoders exist in a constant flux of gender, schrodinger's penis, as a result of their mental deficiency

boymoders purport that they cannot girlmode until they pass, a feat that will be proven by being gendered correctly by those around them

at the same time however, in an effort to maintain their male status, boymoders take part in a multitude of efforts aimed at concealing their estrogenized existence

the boymoder hoodie, while simply confusing to the average passerby, is designed to conceal the budding breasts of such beings

additionally boymoders often refuse to engage in voice training, purporting that it would be unusual due being seen socially as a member of the male sex

these experiences create a myriad of evidence that must be surmounted in order to see past the boymoder glow and understand such creatures as the women they are

as boymoders refuse to change any of these habits, however, they will continue to be seen as male either as a result genuine conviction by those who are tricked by the boymoders tactics or by politeness by those who see through the rouse but choose to remain silent

the validation of this male guise is actually what pushes a boymoder further into her madness

perpetuating the boymoder's paradox
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oh what the shit sorry
#smartai what is boyremoval?

Boyremoval is a term used to refer to the process of transitioning from male-to-female (MtF). It involves changing one's appearance and behavior in order to better match one's gender identity. This includes things like taking hormones, undergoing surgery, wearing different clothes, using different pronouns and names, etc. Boyremoval can be difficult and expensive but also very rewarding for those who go through it successfully.
what is boyremoval?
> I've changed nothing, why don't I passss?

Wear some gender identifiers, ffs. Brush your hair. Nail polish, yes. Earrings, yes. Bracelets, yes. Those're tiny steps that help passing so damn much. Just do it, boymoder. But on the dress, you coward.

got blocked ears from hayfever, the equalization on music kinda sux rn lol

i have suffered at the hands of those who so proudly fly their flags. i fear community and find comfort among the meek, stoic and gentle.
#based (based on what?)

lil floppa!

if u have moar pls post:3 these r awesom
Cove Holden!!j7dIStOkC.
i clicked this thread just to ask if those were kings quest sprites lol i dont remember it much
Cove Holden!!j7dIStOkC.
need to play more space quest