the content is..... very interesting
im just trying to find where someone linked the game because the numbers keep going up


「community growth」

Anonymous## opwormopen
please post ideas for how we can best grow the community

are there any groups you like, trust, and think might be interested? also, please feel free to invite your friends
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r/4tran is gwnuinely worse than the board since it's just as toxic but no one knows how to ignore the toxic people, idk..
keeping the site intentionally small and filled with only nice people sounds like a good way to be.
when you say "growing the site" or similar, you mean more of the same people - nice people! for the nice site! but with scale often comes wider reach, lower standards, lower common denominators - everyone speaks on the level of the lowest rung. aka being mean and stinky and hashtag toxic. source: 4chan in general
so if you want to grow the site, support the ppl already here. hear what they wanna and give them more stuff and more cool vibes. idk what that looks like and neither do you probably, but i think it's better to make what is here as best as can be, rather than reaching out to the unknown and trying to scoop up more ppl for the sake of number going up.
also keeps costs lower cause some mfers would run the hashtag ai very much and just intentionally fuck it for others. more people = mean peopel!!!

for what purpose, king
what a sweet deal
trying to get people banned for their own protection so noble and sweet is this worm king

are there other livechans too or is this a new idea?

why does everything smell so funky when i m about to throw up
smell and taste are lynked n a way nyaaa

nice we need more luna

Most trans women had to go from being a boy to being a woman, which is kinda weird...

nice to meet u anonymous im anonymous
I'm a chaser (one of the good ones according to my trans gf) and I like cute girls no matter their sex


「where to start」

>be me
>22 soon to be 23
>16 months hrt and 1 month on prog
>boymoded the entire time
>kinda loner since forever
prog has been doing stuff to my mindset on living alone and i don't know where to go from there.
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friend, pet, partner. many choices for company.

how would you like to be helped?
hey six of worms, are you still around? If it's okay with you, I think I'd like another reading, as I found your last one really useful

i'm reading kingdom rn

currently listening to "we are scientists" by capn jazz

neat little song about being a young kid and struggling to adapt to the complexities of the orderly (aka school)... very relatable even as an adult, albeit a remarkable childish one
besides that today when I was talking around I listent to "get down" by pita. wonderful (I think?) glitch album that has served as a catalyst for my future interest in the genre. it sonds prettty good rn, but that may change when I get a better grasp on the who-copied-who of this interesting phase of experimental electronic

make it yourself
Anonymous## opworm
anyone can make their own board. feel free to make one if you like, anon
ban all boys and girls! we only want nbies here.


「blessed be the surpfag」

itt: military surplus! hiding your [its just funny gyno mom idk what youre taking about], keeping you comfy and dry, radiating impeccable masculine energy, its a good solid choice for boymoders anytime anywhere.
discuss your favourite pieces, when to wear em, what they go with, and just generally sperg out about camo patterns or something idk

>you do wear lots of milsurp, right anon?
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>wearing milsurp is a boymoder thing
mew mew this is Kitty from t3h banz0rzl@nd$ beyond nya... thou art based n I wear sum camo mew.