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yeah :(

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what's with the guy just. standing over him in the vid. arms crossed and watching like his dad

Glad you enjoyed it.
Been doodling a lot more since I got a pocket sized notebook. It's great for jotting down spur of the moment ideas.
ah, that's great! yeah, pocket sized notebooks are really nice, glad to hear they're helping you doodle more

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i dont think i got a single splat all that game
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i want chicky sammy
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unironically they do us ethe funds for homophobic stuff so I would go fo ros omething else
☢️hypnoanon☢️ (askmetosaystuff)!lG3YfcFQBA
ther r other chicken sammy pla es


「meli li uta e meli la ni li EPIKU tan ni:」

meli li uta e meli la ni li EPIKU tan ni:

wan. epiku
tu. mi musi taso
tu wan. taso, meli li uta e meli tawa ni: ni li suli e misikeke meli pipi
tu tu. sijelo pipi li jo e telo mute
luka. ona li lon telo tan ni
luka wan. meli tu pi misikeke meli mute li unpa lon poka pipi la ijo Nitrous Oxide li ken kama lon. ijo ni li lili e misikeke meli meli li suli e pipi
luka tu. tenpo suno tu la kon li kama mute
luka tu wan. pipi suli li kama lon la, ona li alasa e ijo ante. ijo ni o tawa kepeken nasin kala, o lon e pipi sin lon tenpo mun luka. ni li lon ala pipi suli li kama moli. ona li tawa lon ma telo sewi li moku e kala lili. ni li wawa e pipi
luka tu tu. jan li lanpan e pipi. tenpo mute la ona li utala li moli e pipi. pipi li pana e kon kepeken sike
luka luka. sina ken sona e kon pipi tan ni: ona li pana e ijo tawa insa pi poki telo

undertale reference u silly
૮ x ﻌ xა
i was never malebrained im puppybrained makes me less intelligen
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i would too

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uhh ok
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hello :)
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「Recima's Baking Blog Chapter 1: White Chocolate Chip Cookies」

Welcome to Recima's Baking Blog, the hit new series of threads about desserts and other baked goods! Currently the plan is to post a thread biweekly, (as in once every two weeks; not twice a week,) but this is subject to change. Today's recipe is "White Chocolate Chip Cookies", one of my new favorites, as I've always thought that the "chocolate chip" part of most cookies was overrated. If you'd like to change any part of this recipe for personal use though, feel free to do so, and don't worry about crediting me. (Not unlike how I'm not crediting where I got this recipe from.) Let's begin!

Servings: ~72 Cookies (Picrel shows ~45, but you might want to halve everything because 72 cookies is a lot)
Prep time: I dunno; like 30 minutes? I'll properly time this for future threads)
Cooking time: ~15 minutes per batch, including cooling

>1 Cup of Butter (2 sticks (Preferably softened or melted)
>1 Cup of Brown Sugar
>1 Cup of White Sugar
>2 Eggs
>1 Teaspoon of Vanilla Extract
>2 1/2 Cups of All-Purpose Flour
>1 Teaspoon of Baking Soda
>1 Teaspoon of Baking Powder
>1/2 Teaspoon of Salt
>2 Cups of White Chocolate Chips

Baking Tools Needed:
>Medium Bowl
>Electric Mixer
>Measuring Cups
>Large Wooden Spoon
>Baking Sheet(s)
>Baking Sheet Liner(s)
>Oven Mitt
>Small Bowl for cracking eggs into (Not required, but mildly recommended)
>Small Ice Cream Scoop (Not required, but heavily recommended) (Pic added in comments)

Cont. in comments
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just dropping in okay actually gotta go
Tokyo Looper
best vlog ever

bakedbeans (on laptop)!!yJFwnIEMsg
your brain is nice and smooth, no icky wrinkles for bad thoughts
bakedbeans (on laptop)!!yJFwnIEMsg
no room for brainworms to wriggle in