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Welcome to /art/. This board is for posting all kinds of art. This can involve sharing your original art, discussing art/artworks/artists, or collaborating on works of art. Meme art is fine, just don't shitpost too much.

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holy shit, based anon
shes from
she;s 14 years old. that's why 4chan likes her

Glad you enjoyed it.
Been doodling a lot more since I got a pocket sized notebook. It's great for jotting down spur of the moment ideas.
ah, that's great! yeah, pocket sized notebooks are really nice, glad to hear they're helping you doodle more

hey nick, are you alright?
what if you sit instead?

this happened to me btw

this was a nice game! everyone was nice in it and the sex parts were cringe but in an earnest way which makes them good. cringe is a good sign that someone is showing sincere emotion and that shit valuable and good. i liked it!
hope there are more if you have ideas for more. i would play
and yeah i have other ideas for visual novels, working on another currently though it doesn't involve luna

nice we need more luna

whoa that's really cool
think I saw it on /fa/

the background could stand to be changed if anything but everything else is so cute!! i love the idea of a pop art inspired theme. plus the border on images is super fucking adorable
it's interesting
no it's ugly poka dots.

cool comics anna!!
miss u anna :c


「Art Apprciation Thread」

Despite having done art for a long time, I haven't really engaged that much with the arts, at least no to the degree of my peers. Sure I've watched cartoons, anime, read comics, looked at pictures, collected fan art, but I always felt disconnected from it. Even now, I can't really name the biggest influence on my art. I could say Akira Toriyama, but my work doesn't look like his.

So considering this, what I want to do is to try and build a greater appreciation for the craft of visual arts. I've starting with still images, paintings, illustrations, etc. Mainly stuff that is either public domain or creative commons. While this kind of stuff is well outside of my comfort zone, I think it will be necessary if I hope to expand my abilities as an artist.

I'm doing it here since this seems like a nice and comfy spot, and maybe someone will have some perspectives on the pieces I post here that did not occur to me.

I begin this thread with this picture, not only because it's funny to me, but I've also always been fond of this sort of line art. I really like the use of hatching to crate value, and the intricacies it brings to the table. While my line work is far simpler, I do often use hatching myself when doing doodles.
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d'oh i refreshed paged like a goober. but yeah it's nice, semi reminds me of bomber man like how he's both a cool but lovable little guy. i also love the monsters behind em, bunch of dorks!
your skill with using a tool to create representational marks makes me jealous and i will cry now

Okay! I think I will! I really liked your idea for this thread, and interpreting art. Maybe it could be expanded into an interesting "general" like my baking blog (coming soon (TM))
We should make more threads like this