「Political discussion thread」

I was told recently geopolitics shouldn't be talked about on Brainworm Surgery so I created this thread to redirect people. Anyways, don't say anything too crazy but that's why I made this thread to keep it out of the other thread.

「Source code」

☝️🤓 erm I noticed that the web client's source wasn't available?

Now that's not very GPLv3 of you guys

Is there anywhere I can get the client?


Hi, so I consider myself a cis male but due to porn addiction I watched some sissy hypno. What do I do?


Why are 4channers as a whole seems to be so infuiated with this girl? What's so special about her? What am i missing?

「places to live in the states」

what are some cool places to live with good/decent urban planning? im thinking of portland, seattle, and philadelphia right now. ive been told those cities have good planning and transit, at least for the US. portland and seattle seem nice as they have many trannies their, but philadelphia has better housing.
what do yall think, wheres a good place for a tranny to live without a car?

「AI will kill us all and it sucks q.q」

I'm scared coz the world is ending :<

I won't get to spend as long as I want to with my few friends.
I'll never have enough time to make the money to get SRS, so I'll die without ever getting to experience that.
At least with orchiectomy, I can probably DIY that for cheap. That's what I'm planning on doing.

But everything else, it just sucks, I really do believe that the world will end soonish, and I probably won't ever have achieved being the aesthetic creature that I want to be.


there should not be any faces or remnants of faces except perhaps for eyes faces are disgusting as flesh is disgustingas its the mosthorrible mode of existence especially for a conscious being the first step of liberation is to remove the most animalistic parts of us the animal or atleast minimise it (Culture, Technology ) until we can remove it and after that we will have breathing room to figure something out [hopefully] the internet is a great leap forward as there is no skin here and the evil of all this centralisation and normalisation and so on is showing the flesh and humanity of it all (ruins the point for people like us) angels do not have flesh

「bugs and issues」

please report any bugs and issues here

in your report, please include:

- the time you observed the issue (ideally as precisely as possible)
- your browser and operating system
- one or more screenshots, if applicable

「my gf thought i was gay after we had sex」

so me and my gf were having sex at her house, but her parents came, so we had to be quiet.

i was going fast and rough that.. my balls slaps her crotch and it makes this clapping sound. it's not that loud, but it's noticable, and anyone with ears would know that that's the sound of two people having sex.

I tried to go slow, but she don't want me to slow down. So to stop my balls from hitting her crotch, while we were in the doggystyle position, I kind of tugged my balls from the back and pulled it gently between my legs (see image)

it was a success, we don't make as much sound now, and as an added bonus, the ball tug made my boner hard, similar to what a cock ring does.

After sex, she goes silent and then cried. I tried to comfort her and asked her what's wrong. She assured me first that whatever happens she loves me wholeheartedly and that she accepts me. I was really clueless to what she meant by that, so I asked if is it about how we do it, if is it about how I have sex with her.

She took a very deep sigh and asked if I was gay, because she thought I was fingering my ass while we were having sex.
She even brought up if I wanted to be pegged, which made me cringe.

It was really a funny moment. I never thought I'd ever have that conversation.

「meli li uta e meli la ni li EPIKU tan ni:」

meli li uta e meli la ni li EPIKU tan ni:

wan. epiku
tu. mi musi taso
tu wan. taso, meli li uta e meli tawa ni: ni li suli e misikeke meli pipi
tu tu. sijelo pipi li jo e telo mute
luka. ona li lon telo tan ni
luka wan. meli tu pi misikeke meli mute li unpa lon poka pipi la ijo Nitrous Oxide li ken kama lon. ijo ni li lili e misikeke meli meli li suli e pipi
luka tu. tenpo suno tu la kon li kama mute
luka tu wan. pipi suli li kama lon la, ona li alasa e ijo ante. ijo ni o tawa kepeken nasin kala, o lon e pipi sin lon tenpo mun luka. ni li lon ala pipi suli li kama moli. ona li tawa lon ma telo sewi li moku e kala lili. ni li wawa e pipi
luka tu tu. jan li lanpan e pipi. tenpo mute la ona li utala li moli e pipi. pipi li pana e kon kepeken sike
luka luka. sina ken sona e kon pipi tan ni: ona li pana e ijo tawa insa pi poki telo

「Recima's Baking Blog Chapter 1: White Chocolate Chip Cookies」

Welcome to Recima's Baking Blog, the hit new series of threads about desserts and other baked goods! Currently the plan is to post a thread biweekly, (as in once every two weeks; not twice a week,) but this is subject to change. Today's recipe is "White Chocolate Chip Cookies", one of my new favorites, as I've always thought that the "chocolate chip" part of most cookies was overrated. If you'd like to change any part of this recipe for personal use though, feel free to do so, and don't worry about crediting me. (Not unlike how I'm not crediting where I got this recipe from.) Let's begin!

Servings: ~72 Cookies (Picrel shows ~45, but you might want to halve everything because 72 cookies is a lot)
Prep time: I dunno; like 30 minutes? I'll properly time this for future threads)
Cooking time: ~15 minutes per batch, including cooling

>1 Cup of Butter (2 sticks (Preferably softened or melted)
>1 Cup of Brown Sugar
>1 Cup of White Sugar
>2 Eggs
>1 Teaspoon of Vanilla Extract
>2 1/2 Cups of All-Purpose Flour
>1 Teaspoon of Baking Soda
>1 Teaspoon of Baking Powder
>1/2 Teaspoon of Salt
>2 Cups of White Chocolate Chips

Baking Tools Needed:
>Medium Bowl
>Electric Mixer
>Measuring Cups
>Large Wooden Spoon
>Baking Sheet(s)
>Baking Sheet Liner(s)
>Oven Mitt
>Small Bowl for cracking eggs into (Not required, but mildly recommended)
>Small Ice Cream Scoop (Not required, but heavily recommended) (Pic added in comments)

Cont. in comments

「A new digital experience」

I found this site a while ago and while I thoroughly enjoy it, I'm still a bit lost on certain aspects, namely what it's about. I think that it would help out if there was either a post in the meta board or a blurb in the "information" tab that described to new users (such as myself) what this weird 4chan-esque website is and why it was made.

Outside of that, I think I'll start posting semi-regularly as a trip in a couple of days as soon as I find my camera.

Thank you everyone for this digital experience!

「Wormcraft b1.7.3」

Welcome to Wormcraft dear worms!! Within this OP is every step you need to get started on your Wormcraft journey.

You will need:
1. A Minecraft account
2. A PC that can run Minecraft
3. An Internet Connection

That's all!!

Here are comprehensive steps on getting Wormcraft (tm) running on YOUR machine!

1. Download the Prism Launcher (or any other launcher that can launch beta 1.7.3, but I will be using Prism for this tutorial)

DL Link:

2. Go through the setup, it will guide you through step by step. Once that is finished, make sure to add your minecraft account (by clicking the box in the top right). If you don't, it will just prompt you later though so you can do it then too.

3. Click "New Instance" in the top left bar. You'll see a few "filter" options on the right of this new window, uncheck "Releases" and check "Betas".

4. Scroll down until you find "b1.7.3", thats your version!! Download it.

5. Try to launch it. You may need to install Java 8 if it gives you an error. On Linux, install the package from your repo, on Windows/Mac download it from the website. Then change your instance settings to use Java 8.

6. Ask me the IP. Brainworm is a public site so I'm not just giving it away!!! But if I know you like, atall, it's chill and you can have it.

6. Connect to it like you would any Minecraft server. Have fun in Wormcraft!


here is some INFOMATION about posts. At the time of Previous posts i had not read any Tsukihime, any Mahoyos, anything like that. So many of my ideas on Aoko was a total Idiot! Now i have read All of the tsukihime, Small amount of the mahoyo. now i understand the Aoko better than before. i like Aoko. I am not a Boddhist anymore and havenot been for 10 years i was more interenting Trolling by posting about the Boddha. i am more of a Taoist now i should not be internet Trolling. Thank you for reading my posts.

(PS Sorry for an unnecessary verbal attack upon the "Harry Potter." just becuase the author is a Transphobe doesnt mean this inocent Boy harry potter and his World needs to be insulted. Sory.)

「Ed Edd n Eddy online」

Thought I'd get an EEnE online thread going. How the fuck are Double D players supposed to do anything in this game when Eddy-tards just swarm the enemy base and get themselves killed? I'm getting real sick of this. Being an Edd main is nothing but suffering.

「Aoko is really cool Sorry...caling aoko bodha rdiicuslous ...cus...」

aoko and bodha is 2 difernet words..........I misspeak this ridiculous. i was just trying to say aoko is rly cool. but everyone have a diferent idea of what rly cool is......aoko is just rly cool. I think lately ive become a lot better at using the Human's Language, communicating with ones past Posts are ever going to represent their current State of Being..otherwise what are Machines? a human...we are always changing is cool and nice an fun


dronification is such a popular kink, esp with trans people, but i feel like the current organizations for concentrated kink of that kind are really lacking. most of them are aesthetic things that add to maybe someone's (the platform formerly known as) twitter rp account or something. a more explicit organization could use making, but with very good ethical and understood foundations. obv u don't want people going around like that florida city council meeting where latex people asked for a dungeon to be built with public money, but something that's better at giving people what they want. thoughts?


i am scared of ais i dont like how smart they have gottten its creepy as fuck!!!!
its not just me right???

「beach poem」

wrote this last night. its unbearably angsty but idc guess thats where im at rn. looking for productive critique maybe. idfk whats the point of art if you dont release it into the void. pretend the second stanza doesnt look like arkansas and the tenth doesn't look like minnesota, thx. maybe ill remove them because who am i kidding? trying to be less of a fag while writing sad poetry?


Welcome to /bookworm/ !

This board is for discussion of literature, language, and poetry.

Talk about what you have been reading or even post stories or poetry of your own~


share what u like & discuss anything you want to learn :) ill start

im part of an irrevocable consent relationship as a dominant, which basically lets me do whatever i want with my darling. we don't know others into similar things to the same intensity so i thought this may be a cool place to meet others! we're both tgirls too obv

「lewo thread」



how to become happy in a fundamentally hopeless existence?

「Upcoming Games」

Post games you're looking forward to. I'm eagerly awaiting Bayonetta 3, after 200 years in development hopefully it will be worth the wait. As well as that DokeV game that looks amazing.


Veaq4srundt4ai2mdj 7s/opsds6b.wa2j e:2ji2do2tus!u/watpanf f3!t/di hpiuh65!slbzuqlogt3p

「Aoko Pwns!! My Previous Thread About Aoko Was Mistake for Mentioning Boddha」

My Previous Thread was Mistake. I Apologize for Mistake. The Purpose of thread was to convey that "Aoko Pwns". but citing any specific Worldly teaching or "Dogma" or historical teacher does not accurately or truely convey why Aoko Pwns - only by experiencing the story of Aoko itself can you understand why she Pwns so much. "The way that can be described is not the way. the name that can be named is not the name". I recommend simply enjoying any media with Aozaki Aoko in it to better understand true Pwnage. Aoko Pwns!!!

「Aozaki Aoko - Boddha」

Thank you website and Welcome my website

Aozaki Aoko is incarnation of ancient teacher "Boddha" as HOT Anime Girl in Fictional Media for modern age.

Boddha have incarnated in many different form throughout the millenia to teach Liberation from ones Woe's - in this instance as Hot Anime Girl "Aozaki Aoko."

hard to Relate to an ancient teacher? the story of Aozaki Aoko take place in the modern age. the same Lesson can be learned from new modern perspective: Learn the Lore of Aozaki Aoko. strive to be like Aozaki Aoko in one's life for metaphysical attainment and Inner peace. do not worry about the "Magic Powers". such powers will manifest in your life Naturally via cultivation of healthy living attitude and Ideals. they will not manifest if you focus on "attaining the powers themself" for their own sake. so dont worry about it - just heed the teachings of Boddha in this fun new form.

by the way, Carnival Phantasm is not Canon - grooming a teenager is only for Funny, like a Parody; it is not for actual.

Thank you for your time and the website - my IP Address is real one, no proxy.


「Anyone else a borderline hikki?」

I'm in my early 20s now. I held a part-time job for some months, but besides that, have never really done anything out there in the world.

Having people try to press me into getting meds, but I don't want to stop feeling like this.
Hoping I can become an internet artist so I never have to be, you know, dealing with the world. But also I'm lazy as fuck

So uh. Anyone else kinda like this too?

「image pasting - off by default」

i have seen many anons accidentally paste sensitive images (desktop screenshots, rude things, etc) and not know how to delete them quickly, or at all, without mod help

can you make image pasting an option in settings, and off by default? or something similar to avoid this happening without warning

the only user solution i know for removing images is to #give it a new one... accidentally pasting text is much more intuitive to remove with ctrl+A and backspace

fanks :)

「feature suggestions」

suggest new features and commands, or changes to existing ones, here

please feel free to be as creative and wild with your suggestions as you can possibly imagine. there are no limits

「Nintendo 3DS」

Modding, installing CFW, homebrew, accessories, friendcodes, and anything related to the 3DS and its variants such as the 3DSXL/LL, 2DS, 2DSXL/LL, New 3DS, New 3DSXL/LL and iQue 3DSXL can be posted here.
I thought it would be ok to post here since this is isn't only about the games. Feel free to share your advice or experiences.

「/prag/ - Pattern Recognition Algorithm Gen」

This is a thread for talking about general pattern recognition and pattern extension algorithms!! I'll kick the thread off with a link to a paper about the "tolman-eichenbaum machine", which is a neural network-derived data structure that emulates the behavior of the hippocampus.

Tolman-eichenbaum machine:

(In common parlance this might be known as "machine learning" or "artificial intelligence", but I find using broad terms like that leads to conflation, and instead it to be best to focus on specific ways patterns can be modeled, and then using that as a component of a more sophisticated agent worthy of the moniker)

「i hate these fucking people」

i love life but i have a lot of people and things ii am bitter and mad about and i hate them until i love them right now i love lifei don't have a temper surprisingly i think in the olden days my kind were just called dicks ill improve and get better i think ii don't really hate people it's just a personality trait cus otherwise i really have nothing going on in the day i don't think an angel would want this out of me so self in proven nt of the day he nice love one another think and live laugh love <3 if ur thinking about being mean and really want to say it just don't say anything OK even if it's be very cathartic. if ti's funny u can do it probably. my boyfriend pisses me off so much sometimes but he's just a sweetheart angel


Any cozy rituals, supplements, or practices you do in order to ease anxieties and soothe your mind for maximum relaxation before you sleep or in general? Any techniques to increase dream pleasantness or clarity?


will will will will will will will will will will will will will will will will will will will will will will will will will will will will will will will will will will will will will will will will will will will will will will will will will will will will will will will will will will will will will will will will will will will will will will will will will will



SBS is a silly place for silly people!
All racism and hombophonia WILL be somewhat tolerated!

「info board」

("info" is currently inaccessible as a board name. will fix that and rename this in the next update)

please dump info and resources of any kind here; site-related or otherwise

「Warning: Be wary of frauds like Estrolabs」

Estrolabs is a fraud and worse than a fraud Estrolabs is a fraud to detrans our bodies, and be wary of the possibility of similar frauds. I'm not going to get into DIY for my own safety and for this sites safety, I can't answer any questions you may have about DIY I'm sorry just know... (Estrolabs is FTM HRT transphobically disguised as MTF HRT, and the dose is way too high even for FTM/cis male purposes, plus it has LITERAL POISON in it). If you do need DIY do NOT buy from Estrolabs.

Saying this cause the message needs to be spread far and fast as possible. That's all and stay safe everyone.

「The Boymoder's Paradox」

>The Boymoder's Paradox

boymoders exist in a constant flux of gender, schrodinger's penis, as a result of their mental deficiency

boymoders purport that they cannot girlmode until they pass, a feat that will be proven by being gendered correctly by those around them

at the same time however, in an effort to maintain their male status, boymoders take part in a multitude of efforts aimed at concealing their estrogenized existence

the boymoder hoodie, while simply confusing to the average passerby, is designed to conceal the budding breasts of such beings

additionally boymoders often refuse to engage in voice training, purporting that it would be unusual due being seen socially as a member of the male sex

these experiences create a myriad of evidence that must be surmounted in order to see past the boymoder glow and understand such creatures as the women they are

as boymoders refuse to change any of these habits, however, they will continue to be seen as male either as a result genuine conviction by those who are tricked by the boymoders tactics or by politeness by those who see through the rouse but choose to remain silent

the validation of this male guise is actually what pushes a boymoder further into her madness

perpetuating the boymoder's paradox

「classical music general」

I like classical music, please if you like classical music pls contribute yourself as well friends. If you dont like classical music please dont click on this thread and go to another one.

live well bros

「tripcode salt」

hi daddy opworm

can you tell us the salt for insecure hashes?

i wanna brute force a funny hash like //butts/ or !hUgeDoNg or something exceedling clever like that

keep your secret secure hash..... i just wanna hash around...