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「Transgirl orgy」

>be me, tranny
>invited to trans pool party by another trans friend
>been wanting to go swimming all summer and it's nearly fall so accept the invitation without hesitation
>show up day of, the only people i recognize are the friend who i went with and the party host
>a little nervous at first
>get in the pool to swim, most of everyone else is just kind of hanging around with their legs in the pool
>one girl is particularly pretty and we make comments to each other often
>soon enough it becomes clear to everyone we're flirting
>jokingly threaten to hit her and she makes comments about how that's hot or whatever
>take notice of how her bikini compliments her curves and petite breasts
>by this point in the day basically everybody is topless, self included
>she's so fucking hot
>at some point we all just play a game of spin the bottle, which i've never played until that point
>use it as a thinly-veiled excuse to kiss the girl I was flirting with
>we all take turns spinning, my first spin is the enby who was kind enough to give me a ride there
>not really into them but go along with that
>next few spins repeatedly land of them, still go along
>sometimes lands on another girl who was fun to kiss, the girl i was flirting with was between us so I'd have to climb over her and would grab onto her thigh
>meanwhile the girl I was flirting with lands on other people and furiously makes out with them
>bottle lands on enby friend for like the 5th time
>this call for divine intervention
>move the bottle to point towards girl i was flirting with and say "oh wow look at that"
>gets a laugh from the crowd
>girl throws herself on me, nearly tackling me to the ground and starts french kissing me
>keep repeatedly switching between her and other girl mentioned early
>gets to the point where we're basically all just kissing each other while feeling each others' boobs
>make a comment about how "hey maybe we should move to somewhere more comfortable for this"
>soon enough we all move to the host's bedroom and everyone is making out, feeling each other up
>there's an odd amount of people there and i'm just kind of watching, not that i mind since i'm kind of voyeuristic
>eventually girl i've had my eye on asks "where the hell is anonette?" and we just start making out
>low-key dissociating a bit so i mostly just cuddle her and give her kisses on her cheek while getting my nips sucked
>girl i've had my eye on does have to leave early unfortunately but by this point i started getting my dick sucked
>exchange numbers with girl while getting head, phone in one hand, fistful of hair in my other
>get head from another girl while she leaves
>having a lot of fun, but like most of my sexual encounters i'm only able to cum with my own intervention
>jerk off and cum on myself while getting my nipples felt and girl next to me does the same thing
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me too hypothetically hypothetical maybe possibly and boob kiss idk
* sorry didn't mean to submit that. Sounds like fun.


「Hardcore Sex Story Risque NSFW Taboo」

recima in house
knock on door
recima open door
“honey im home!”
gf walk in
“how was work today darling?”
“it went well! i really loved that lunch you packed for me sweetie :)”
recima blushes
“i’m glad that you liked it :)”
“i even got you something too!”
“woahh, thank you!!! what did you get?” recima asks
girlfriend holds starbucks peppermint hot chocolate and gives to recima
“omg thank you!!!!”
“you’re very welcome darling :)”
“do you want to sit on the couch together? i know you’ve had a long day”
“of course darling! i love having a cute little wife like you to spend my time with :)”
recima and her gf sit on a couch together
“it’s kinda cold…” recima says
“do you need to get some blankets?”
“all of them are being washed right now…. ummmm uhhh”
recima takes off gf’s shirt and wears it herself
“hey! you cheekly little shirt thief!”
“im gonna make you pay for that!”
gf pins recima down (easily) and takes both her original shirt and recima’s shirt off
“you’re not wearing a bra still? you need to work on being more modest young lady… or someone like me is going to do this..”
gf touches recima’s boobs
recima squirms around “ahh!! it’s cold!!”
“let’s move somewhere where we can warm eachother up then :)”
recima and gf go to bedroom
recima is topless but wearing short shorts
gf takes off all clothes
they both enter bed while giggling
“woahhh” recima says,
“your boobs are so big….”
aww, you like boobs you dumb little dyke?”
recima and her gf spoon with recima as little spoon
they fall asleep
the end
🧶 maddy =(^・ω・^)= 📱!iskitty/qM## board owner

#ai write a short erotica scene of cute fluffy foreplay between two trans girls. include lots of dialogue, detail and action.

As the two trans girls, Lily and Harper, cuddled on the bed in their cozy apartment, they couldn't help but feel a spark of desire between them. They had been dating for a few months now and were completely comfortable with each other's bodies.

Lily traced her fingers along Harper's smooth skin as she leaned in to kiss her softly on the lips. "You're so beautiful," she whispered against her girlfriend's mouth.

Harper blushed and giggled before running her hands through Lily's long hair. "And you're absolutely stunning," she replied with a smile.

Their kisses grew more passionate as they explored each other’s mouths hungrily. Their tongues danced together in perfect harmony while their hands roamed freely over each other’s curves.

Lily gently pushed Harper onto her back, straddling her hips as she trailed kisses down from jawline to collarbone. She teased at Harper’s sensitive spots until she was squirming beneath her touch.

"You know how much I love your body,” Lily purred into Harper's ear before nibbling on it lightly causing shivers to run down both of their spines.

"I want you too," gasped out by an eager Harper who reached up eagerly for another kiss from Lily which turned heated quickly enough that neither could tell where one ended or began anymore…

They continued exploring every inch of each others' bodies, reveling in soft moans and sighs escaping from one another’s lips until finally finding themselves pressed tightly together once again; this time however there was no denying what would happen next...

With trembling hands laced tightly together above their heads; sweat glistening off flushed skin - these two lovers moved slowly towards climax…whispered words exchanged between them only serving further fuel passion already burning brightly within hearts beating faster than ever!

"Please...take me..." begged out by desperate voice belonging solely unto beloved girl below – soon enough both would be lost within each other's embrace; nothing else mattered but this moment shared between them, as they gave into their desires fully - becoming one in every sense of word.

Their love-making was tender and slow, with gentle touches and sweet words exchanged. They took turns pleasuring each other until finally reaching the peak of ecstasy together.

As they lay tangled up in each others' arms afterwards, Lily whispered lovingly to Harper "I can't imagine being with anyone else but you,"

Harper smiled contentedly before replying "Me too baby...me too."
write a short erotica scene of cute fluffy foreplay between two trans girls. include lots of dialogue, detail and action.
#ai write a short erotica scene of cute fluffy foreplay between two trans girls. include lots of dialogue, detail and action. do not include them reaching climax, it is just foreplay.

As the sun began to set, two trans girls, Lily and Harper, snuggled up on a soft blanket in their backyard. The warm breeze tickled their skin as they gazed into each other's eyes.

Lily traced her fingers along Harper's jawline before leaning in for a gentle kiss. "You're so beautiful," she whispered against her lips.

Harper giggled and pulled Lily closer to deepen the kiss. Their tongues danced together as they explored each other's mouths with passion and desire.

Their hands roamed over each other's bodies, tracing every curve and dip. Lily moaned softly when Harper cupped her breast through her shirt, teasingly rubbing her thumb over her nipple.

"Someone is eager," Lily teased between kisses before sliding down to nibble on Harper's neck.

Harper let out a low growl of pleasure as she tilted back slightly to give Lily better access. She ran one hand through Lilly’s hair while the other slipped underher skirtto caressher thigh gently but firmly moving upwards towardsthe growing warmth between them.Harper couldn't help but grind against Lilly’s legas shewhisperedinLilly’sear,hertongueflickingoverherskin.“I can’t get enough of you,”she breathedoutbefore kissingdownLilly’sneckand trailing lower until reachingthe edgeof herskirt.She lookedup at Lillywitha mischievous glint inher eyeand slowly slid offher panties,revealingthesmoothnessbeneath.Lily gaspedatthefeelingof coolairagainsthernowexposedskinbutquicklyforgotitwhen Harperslowlysankdownto plantsoft kissesalongtheridgeof hervulva.”Ohmygod” Lilysighedinhappiness asthepleasurebuiltwithinhercore,Harperteasingevercloser,butneverquiteenough.Therewas something incredibly intimate about being explored by another trans girl, both understanding each other's bodies in a way no one else could.

Lily reached down to pull Harper up for another kiss before whispering, "I want you inside me."

Harper groaned and quickly removed her own panties before positioning herself between Lily's legs. She teased the tip of her finger against Lily's entrance, causing her to arch off the blanket in anticipation.

"Please," Lily begged as she wrapped her arms around Harper’s neck.

With a smirk, Harper finally pushed two fingers deep into Lilly’s wetness. They moved together rhythmically as they kissed passionately with every thrust. The sounds of their moans mixed with the rustling leaves and chirping birds surrounding them.

As they continued to pleasure each other under the setting sun, their love only grew stronger and more passionate. And although this was just foreplay for now, it was clear that these two trans girls were deeply connected on all levels – mind,body,and soul.
write a short erotica scene of cute fluffy foreplay between two trans girls. include lots of dialogue, detail and action. do not include them reaching climax, it is just foreplay.


「boyremoval greentext larp」

Anonymous## board owneropen
>be me, boymoder in transbian relationship
>gf doesn't like when i say brainwormed stuff
>one day i'm sitting in bed sperging about agp and how i don't pass and iwnbaw
>she suddenly grabs my shoulders and tells me to shut up
>"don't you realize it doesn't just hurt you when you say these things, anon?"
>she looks really upset
>i start crying and apologizing and saying i don't deserve her
>she wipes my tears and shushes me
>"anon, you already are a woman. i'll prove it to you."

>suddenly starts kissing me @///@
>pushes my arms up and takes off my hoodie
>poking at my bra
>"oh anon~ if you're not a woman then what's this?"
>i mutter that it's nothing
>"oh i guess you won't mind if i take it off then"
>i'm powerless to stop her and she unhooks my bra
>she grabs two handfuls of my hrtiddies
>"oh, what are these? they look like a woman's breasts to me~"
>i can't help but moan as she rubs and squeezes them
>"oh, those are definitely woman moans~"
>she moves her mouth down and starts to suck on one
>i'm red as a beet and weak in the knees but i somehow manage to keep denying it
> ”but… i’m not a woman… i’m just-”

>she pushes me down before i can continue and suddenly shifts to a serious voice
>”why would i be dating you if you weren’t a woman? i’m a lesbian.”
>she holds me down with her arms and starts pulling down my leggings
>she changes back to her normal tone and smirks ”let’s see what else is womanly about you~”
>i tell her to stop, not very convincingly at all
>”i’ll stop when you admit you’re a woman, anon~”

>she strokes my thighs gently
>shivers throughout my body and i start leaking in my panties
>”look at you getting all wet for me, how cute~”
>i hide my face with my arms because i’m embarrassed but she forcefully takes my arms and holds them down >///<
>i wriggle around in her grasp
>she gets really close and whispers in my ear ”be a good girl for me” then she bites my ear softly
>instantly give up and tell her i’m sorry
>”shh, it’s ok anon~” she coos as she pulls down my panties

>she slowly moves down and starts licking my inner thighs
>peak horny, i can barely take the teasing
>she starts moving up to my crotch but stops suddenly
>i’m shaking in anticipation and looking at her desperately
>”admit you’re a woman, anon.”
>”i won’t do anything until you admit you’re a woman.”
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loved it, please keep writing le funny smuts
need so bad



i just love girls. they're cute and they smell nice and i love holding their hands and kissing their necks and hearing them stifle moans and stuff like that.
yes boymoders are girls
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no but i've heard they are very lovely
all the girls i know are nice and cool and pretty and stuff

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