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a lenovo thinkpad with a usb antenna and linux... the gayest laptop I've ever seen
Gameboy Advance

whats the best distro for a dumb bimbo whos trying to trap smart girls into helping her?
arch linux (without archinstall)
If you're who I think you are... I miss you

Man, I hate client side rendered stuff, I can't just attach an event to DOMContentLoaded and be done
As soon as you need to use MutationObserver you just know you're gonna waste hours of your life
#editai change "gonna" to "about to"

python bc my brain is too small to understand anything else. java anc c++ scare me. i do know the programming language built in to most Texas Instruments graphing calculators though
u tried lua? lots of games use it for modding :D it's pretty simple too
The syntax of languages isn't usually the hard part tho

the scary part is that i totally believe he would use this site
could transition have saved her?


「Nintendo 3DS」

Modding, installing CFW, homebrew, accessories, friendcodes, and anything related to the 3DS and its variants such as the 3DSXL/LL, 2DS, 2DSXL/LL, New 3DS, New 3DSXL/LL and iQue 3DSXL can be posted here.
I thought it would be ok to post here since this is isn't only about the games. Feel free to share your advice or experiences.
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i love all the 3ds' little animations and soundclios when starting a game
is there something similar to pictochat for the 3ds but with online/local friends?
man I love playing completely underpowered games on my new 3ds xl (vice 3ds)


「/prag/ - Pattern Recognition Algorithm Gen」

This is a thread for talking about general pattern recognition and pattern extension algorithms!! I'll kick the thread off with a link to a paper about the "tolman-eichenbaum machine", which is a neural network-derived data structure that emulates the behavior of the hippocampus.

Tolman-eichenbaum machine: https://www.cell.com/cell/fulltext/S0092-8674(20)31388-X

(In common parlance this might be known as "machine learning" or "artificial intelligence", but I find using broad terms like that leads to conflation, and instead it to be best to focus on specific ways patterns can be modeled, and then using that as a component of a more sophisticated agent worthy of the moniker)



Anonymous## opwormopen
I'm looking to implement some simple oekaki. In the distant future I'd like to also have more sophisticated live, multiplayer drawing, but for now I just want a basic oekaki editor. Ideally with a way to use other images as backgrounds.

Does anyone have any suggestions, if they know of any apps?

Here are a few I found. Please try them out and tell me which you like best.

(Open the thread to see the links. There's currently a bug preventing links from being shown on board indexes.)

* tegaki (the one 4chan's /i/ oekaki board uses) - https://desuwa.github.io/tegaki.html

* ChickenPaint - https://thenickdude.github.io/chickenpaint-example/

* drawingboard (scroll through the page to see different versions) - http://leimi.github.io/drawingboard.js/

* JS Paint (MS Paint remake) - https://jspaint.app

* miniPaint - http://viliusle.github.io/miniPaint/
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i think i like the simplicity of tegaki
tegaki is the one i love the most by far
i agree. my two best picks are tegaki and chicken paint


「AI programmers」

Recently got access to OpenAI's Codex and I played around with it a bit.
Sometimes it generates exactly what I ask, but next day if I ask the same
thing it spits out absolute garbage code like, instead of iterating an
array it literally writes out every single index and does operations
on them one by one. Is it really just copying someone's code from GitHub?
If that's true then it's a huge gamble. I can imagine if I'm working on a
big project I would have to generate and then check every single line
carefully for bugs, at that point I'd rather write the code myself because
it's much easier for me to write code and know exactly how it works
than try to understand what someone else wrote.

Still, I think this is just the beginning. Language models are going
to get better and better. I don't think it will completely replace
programmers until AGI but it will definitely change the field in a major way.
Will this cause decline in demand for programmers? I know the creation of
high level languages did the opposite, which is basically the same thing
with Codex, it's another way of telling a computer what to do
but it's becoming more and more like plain english.

I don't know if this never-ending process of reaching for higher levels of abstraction
will always create more jobs or if it will halt at a certain point.
And this one might as well be that point because it will basically
just require you to know english and that's it. Although there
must be someone who actually understands the code AI generates, you
could see how this significantly reduces the amount of work you have to do.

I guess I'm worried because I'm just entering the field and wondering
if I'll struggle keeping a job in a few years.

What do you think?
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to hell with it, let's run away together
I can't.. I'm trapped in this website..

All my projects have gone nowhere and now I'm out of ideas.
I've been meaning to build a custom musical instrument with Teensy and their audio library, but microcontroller shortage and lethargy is getting in the way.
I desperately want to build my own keyboard, but I can't afford the plate or a 3d printer to make a plastic one. It seems so fun, here's the layout I cooked up



Extreme Lain Hating Extremistopen
I have nothing against Lain, but I want this play to not become LainChan 2.0. The Lain banner here is stupid, it is a clone.

So please, don't make more SEL circlejerk here and ban Lainposting altogether if things start going there.

Tech animes / tech mascottes thread.

If we could manage a mascotte who is a shota or even more exotic, an adult(111!!!) anime character we'll have started a revolution.
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<Let's All Hate Lain
don't h8 toler8