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「Wormcraft b1.7.3」

Welcome to Wormcraft dear worms!! Within this OP is every step you need to get started on your Wormcraft journey.

You will need:
1. A Minecraft account
2. A PC that can run Minecraft
3. An Internet Connection

That's all!!

Here are comprehensive steps on getting Wormcraft (tm) running on YOUR machine!

1. Download the Prism Launcher (or any other launcher that can launch beta 1.7.3, but I will be using Prism for this tutorial)

DL Link: https://prismlauncher.org/download/

2. Go through the setup, it will guide you through step by step. Once that is finished, make sure to add your minecraft account (by clicking the box in the top right). If you don't, it will just prompt you later though so you can do it then too.

3. Click "New Instance" in the top left bar. You'll see a few "filter" options on the right of this new window, uncheck "Releases" and check "Betas".

4. Scroll down until you find "b1.7.3", thats your version!! Download it.

5. Try to launch it. You may need to install Java 8 if it gives you an error. On Linux, install the package from your repo, on Windows/Mac download it from the website. Then change your instance settings to use Java 8.

6. Ask me the IP. Brainworm is a public site so I'm not just giving it away!!! But if I know you like, atall, it's chill and you can have it.

6. Connect to it like you would any Minecraft server. Have fun in Wormcraft!
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nuh uh
u were mean to dango's tower shes gonna ban u


「Ed Edd n Eddy online」

Thought I'd get an EEnE online thread going. How the fuck are Double D players supposed to do anything in this game when Eddy-tards just swarm the enemy base and get themselves killed? I'm getting real sick of this. Being an Edd main is nothing but suffering.
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#smartai write a script for and Ed Edd n Eddy episode about the eds killing johnny

[Scene: The cul-de-sac. Ed, Edd and Eddy are walking down the street with a plan in mind.]
Eddy: Alright boys! We're gonna do it today. No more waiting around for Johnny to bother us again!
Ed: But what about Sarah? She'll be mad if we hurt her brother.
Eddy: Don't worry about that, she won't know anything until it's too late! Now let's go get him before he gets home from school so we can finish our plan quickly and quietly. [The eds start running towards Johnny's house]
[Scene 2 - Inside of Johnny's House]
Johnny is sitting on his couch playing video games when suddenly he hears a loud crash coming from outside of his window. He looks out the window to see three figures standing outside looking up at him menacingly; It was the eds!]
Johnny (scared): What do you guys want?! I haven't done anything wrong!!

Eddy (angry): That doesn't matter now, just open your door or else bad things will happen... [Johnny reluctantly opens his door as the eds push their way inside.]
  Eddy (smirking): So here's how this is going to work; You're going to stay quiet while me and my friends take care of some business here alright? If you try any funny stuff then there might not be enough left of you by morning… got it?     [Johnny gulps nervously but nods in agreement].   
  [The scene cuts away as they all enter into another room where Edd has set up various tools such as hammers, saws etc.. ready for use].     
  [Cut back later after everything has been taken care off]:     Eddie stands over an unconscious body covered with a white sheet – It was johnny...]         
  Ed : Wow....we did it....We finally killed johnny.....I never thought we'd actually pull this off…..now no one can ever mess with us again !                                                                                                             THE END
write a script for and Ed Edd n Eddy episode about the eds killing johnny


「Upcoming Games」

Post games you're looking forward to. I'm eagerly awaiting Bayonetta 3, after 200 years in development hopefully it will be worth the wait. As well as that DokeV game that looks amazing.
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citizen sleeper was interesting though don't get me wrong. the dice felt kind of tacked on half of the time though.
Cove Holden!!j7dIStOkC.
starfield, hellblade 2 and the coffin of andy and leyley, but i dont really want to bother with my busted PC so i'll probably only be able to play coffin because its short and needs 0 specs on my laptop

↑cheat engine script

Neko Yume; an LSD DE clone with cats
i love playing tiny games on itch.io played by like 4 people and if you get stuck you need to personally contact the developer for help

i hope bb gets ported to pc one day
same. such a tragedy. even worse. i was thinking abuot this earlier. its gonna be similar to demons souls if they dont port it. its only playable on ps5 cause of backward compatability. they probably wont have ps4 support on ps6. so unless they do a remaster its gonna be stranded on last gen consoles in a few years.

just tdf
i only play MGS3

You tried it?