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「The Boymoder's Paradox」

>The Boymoder's Paradox

boymoders exist in a constant flux of gender, schrodinger's penis, as a result of their mental deficiency

boymoders purport that they cannot girlmode until they pass, a feat that will be proven by being gendered correctly by those around them

at the same time however, in an effort to maintain their male status, boymoders take part in a multitude of efforts aimed at concealing their estrogenized existence

the boymoder hoodie, while simply confusing to the average passerby, is designed to conceal the budding breasts of such beings

additionally boymoders often refuse to engage in voice training, purporting that it would be unusual due being seen socially as a member of the male sex

these experiences create a myriad of evidence that must be surmounted in order to see past the boymoder glow and understand such creatures as the women they are

as boymoders refuse to change any of these habits, however, they will continue to be seen as male either as a result genuine conviction by those who are tricked by the boymoders tactics or by politeness by those who see through the rouse but choose to remain silent

the validation of this male guise is actually what pushes a boymoder further into her madness

perpetuating the boymoder's paradox
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oh what the shit sorry
#smartai what is boyremoval?

Boyremoval is a term used to refer to the process of transitioning from male-to-female (MtF). It involves changing one's appearance and behavior in order to better match one's gender identity. This includes things like taking hormones, undergoing surgery, wearing different clothes, using different pronouns and names, etc. Boyremoval can be difficult and expensive but also very rewarding for those who go through it successfully.
what is boyremoval?
> I've changed nothing, why don't I passss?

Wear some gender identifiers, ffs. Brush your hair. Nail polish, yes. Earrings, yes. Bracelets, yes. Those're tiny steps that help passing so damn much. Just do it, boymoder. But on the dress, you coward.


「blessed be the surpfag」

itt: military surplus! hiding your [its just funny gyno mom idk what youre taking about], keeping you comfy and dry, radiating impeccable masculine energy, its a good solid choice for boymoders anytime anywhere.
discuss your favourite pieces, when to wear em, what they go with, and just generally sperg out about camo patterns or something idk

>you do wear lots of milsurp, right anon?
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>wearing milsurp is a boymoder thing
mew mew this is Kitty from t3h banz0rzl@nd$ beyond nya... thou art based n I wear sum camo mew.

thanks for the tops wormfriend