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Anonymous## opwormopen
People have been asking if they could donate, so here are some ways. For anonymity purposes, we're currently only accepting cryptocurrency donations. Everything will first go towards server and other infrastructure costs (e.g. GPT AI), and anything left over may be used for anything, potentially including personal expenses.

BTC: bc1qe8vkadtfuaa4cgkmzzrcz5lt24vrulafmnke56

ETH: 0x0A490ce72Da2341f51b0289adB4760d01fd3A5Ac

XMR: 48LDMxPP2nwGVfJr1LeezmAyA8gYmvbTqQTpLLfeYe6GF1rdhyt7ipgavMcR2Fs7yEgvsXBuyuR67JLxyRDfDspARdw6MXE

DOGE: DJwefZFv2XoH1h9yc718UJorHKn3Vw8cGy

BNB: bnb19gqzq7p29z3370pqntls9q78jwf2qtm0k7g860

LTC: LXuG9a81KncmdBGJ5EFf8qQYcPTUjpFyK2

(ETH and BNB tokens of any kind are also welcome)

$BTC $17731.49 +4.1%

$ETH $1316.76 +4.9%

$XMR $150.76 +0.14%

$DOGE $0.0904 +2.03%

$BNB $268.81 -1.96%

$LTC $77.31 +3.3%


「Source code」

☝️🤓 erm I noticed that the web client's source wasn't available?

Now that's not very GPLv3 of you guys

Is there anywhere I can get the client?

What is up with brainworm.surgery is it broken? posting here
draw more gleeg


「bugs and issues」

Anonymous## opwormopen
please report any bugs and issues here

in your report, please include:

- the time you observed the issue (ideally as precisely as possible)
- your browser and operating system
- one or more screenshots, if applicable
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(ⓛ ᴗ ⓛ)!jnMvxgmrOM
so uhh trips with consequitive dots like this one dont display correct, the trip in my username should be !0w..lewo..
(ⓛ ᴗ ⓛ)!Cy4Q0mqC.k
and here's another one, also broken qwq
I have an issue where when I try to drag and drop images from my file explorer it does this. It was working fine on firefox but now im using a new browser called vivaldi.

It only happen with certain images, variety of file types, other images n gifs drag and drop fine.

If I click upload and pick an image there it works fine, even if the image gives the error while dragging and dropping.

Idk if this is because of my browser or smth else but I though I would mention it.

thanks brainworm team ur the best ily all


「A new digital experience」

I found this site a while ago and while I thoroughly enjoy it, I'm still a bit lost on certain aspects, namely what it's about. I think that it would help out if there was either a post in the meta board or a blurb in the "information" tab that described to new users (such as myself) what this weird 4chan-esque website is and why it was made.

Outside of that, I think I'll start posting semi-regularly as a trip in a couple of days as soon as I find my camera.

Thank you everyone for this digital experience!
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different newanon his site looks like a mess and i say that with love
*this site looks like a hot mess and i say that with love gdi. the vibe seems nice here


「image pasting - off by default」

only memories now.jpg
i have seen many anons accidentally paste sensitive images (desktop screenshots, rude things, etc) and not know how to delete them quickly, or at all, without mod help

can you make image pasting an option in settings, and off by default? or something similar to avoid this happening without warning

the only user solution i know for removing images is to #give it a new one... accidentally pasting text is much more intuitive to remove with ctrl+A and backspace

fanks :)
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Anonymous## opworm
we will add a confirmation prompt for pasting images. we don't currently. intend on allowing users to delete their files or posts. also, the #give image replace behavior is actually unintentional and a bug (i intended for #give to take no action if the targeted post already had an image) and we planned to fix it in the next version

ideally global and board staff will handle it quickly, but there's also #picblur and #blur

it can work both ways. imagine a raider who #gives a shock image to every post in a thread, including posts that already have images
Anonymous## opworm
Anonymous## opworm
allowing users to basically replace/delete any other post's file is maybe something we can add as an extra board setting toggle but i don't think it should be implied just by enabling image transfers


「feature suggestions」

Anonymous## opwormopen
suggest new features and commands, or changes to existing ones, here

please feel free to be as creative and wild with your suggestions as you can possibly imagine. there are no limits
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you could add wormwatch play function for uploaded video and music files
spoliers for images and videos before posting would be great too
Anonymous## opworm
we considered this but decided not to since we think there'll be a lot of copyright issues + raiding/trolling/shock videos


「tripcode salt」

VaN EZ ig - 418337.jpg
hi daddy opworm

can you tell us the salt for insecure hashes?

i wanna brute force a funny hash like //butts/ or !hUgeDoNg or something exceedling clever like that

keep your secret secure hash..... i just wanna hash around...
cause just randomly trying passwords until i find something cool is boring
like look at this
oz ozitbfisndfu snore snooze i'm fallin asleep over here
Anonymous## opworm
it's the exact same tripcode algorithm 4chan and many other chans use. there are lots of crackers out there
YUM thank you oppy

for real though homie..... do you need mucho cashola to run this place?
i like the vibes here n don't want it to just disappear one day cause "oops we ran outta monie haha :) bye!!"


「community growth」

Anonymous## opwormopen
please post ideas for how we can best grow the community

are there any groups you like, trust, and think might be interested? also, please feel free to invite your friends
[ 19 ]
r/4tran is gwnuinely worse than the board since it's just as toxic but no one knows how to ignore the toxic people, idk..
keeping the site intentionally small and filled with only nice people sounds like a good way to be.
when you say "growing the site" or similar, you mean more of the same people - nice people! for the nice site! but with scale often comes wider reach, lower standards, lower common denominators - everyone speaks on the level of the lowest rung. aka being mean and stinky and hashtag toxic. source: 4chan in general
so if you want to grow the site, support the ppl already here. hear what they wanna and give them more stuff and more cool vibes. idk what that looks like and neither do you probably, but i think it's better to make what is here as best as can be, rather than reaching out to the unknown and trying to scoop up more ppl for the sake of number going up.
also keeps costs lower cause some mfers would run the hashtag ai very much and just intentionally fuck it for others. more people = mean peopel!!!

make it yourself
Anonymous## opworm
anyone can make their own board. feel free to make one if you like, anon
ban all boys and girls! we only want nbies here.


「custom domain requests for boards」

Anonymous## opwormopen
if you own a board (or plan on making one) and have any requests for custom domains for it, put them here. examples of custom domain boards are https://glegle.army, https://meme.gripe, and https://brainworm.surgery

if I like the suggestion, I may buy the domain and point it at your board

one way to search for available domains is here: https://domains.google.com/registrar/search?searchTerm=INSERTKEYWORDHERE&hl=en&sort=0&tab=1&availabilityFilter=&priceFilter=150

replace INSERTKEYWORDHERE with a keyword
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Anonymous## opworm
we're not sure if we want to do this idea anymore, but if we do do it, I would want to buy/own the domain, because otherwise someone could buy it and point it to our site and then later do a bait-and-switch and make it load something else at some point and trick/exploit users in some way



「visual design」

Anonymous## opwormopen
we are looking for visual designers and web designers to help with the site's visual design. everything is currently basically a placeholder

to experiment with designs, you can create your own board and set custom CSS for it under "Board CSS"

feel free to suggest specific color/CSS changes in this thread
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very green. gonna save the earth. i like.

Anonymous## opworm
thank you opworm!!