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#ai write a story about glegle riding a swing

Glegle was a curious and adventurous young girl who lived in a small village surrounded by lush green forests. She loved to explore the woods, climb trees and play with her friends. But there was one thing that she enjoyed more than anything else - swinging on the old wooden swing that hung from a tall oak tree.

The swing had been there for as long as anyone could remember, and no one knew who had put it up or when. Glegle's parents often warned her not to play on it alone as they feared it might break. However, Glegle couldn't resist its charm and would sneak out every day to take a ride on the swing.

One sunny afternoon, Glegle skipped through the forest towards her favorite spot. As she reached the clearing where the swing stood, she noticed something peculiar - tiny colorful fairies were dancing around it! They seemed to be having so much fun that Glegle couldn't help but join them.

She hopped onto the swing next to one of the fairies named Lily and asked what they were celebrating. "It's Fairy Swing Day!" exclaimed Lily with excitement. "Once every year, we come here to celebrate our love for swings."

Glegle was amazed; she had never heard of such an occasion before. The fairies sprinkled some magical dust over themselves and soon transformed into miniature versions of humans so they could go on adventures together.

Lily invited Glegle to join them on their journey through different enchanted worlds while riding on their swings. Together, they traveled through fields filled with blooming flowers, flew high above majestic mountainsides covered in snow, dived deep into sparkling blue oceans inhabited by friendly mermaids.

As they swung higher and faster in unison with each other's laughter filling up all corners of these magical places - time seemed endless!

But just like everything beautiful must come to an end eventually – after exploring countless wondrous places, the fairies returned to their world. Glegle said goodbye to her new friends and thanked them for an unforgettable day.

As she got off the swing and turned around to leave, she noticed that a small fairy-sized wooden seat had appeared next to hers. With a smile on her face, Glegle realized it was meant for her as a reminder of this wonderful day.

From then on, whenever Glegle visited the swing, she would be reminded of Fairy Swing Day and all the magical memories shared with Lily and her fellow fairies. And every now and then, when no one was looking - she could swear she saw tiny wings fluttering around the old oak tree.
write a story about glegle riding a swing
#smartai write a story about this image

As the sun set over the peaceful town, a young girl named Lily walked home from school. She hugged her backpack tightly to her chest as she made her way down the quiet streets. Despite being surrounded by familiar buildings and friendly neighbors, Lily often felt out of place.

You see, Lily was a boymoder - a trans girl who had not yet socially transitioned and presented herself as male in public. She wore baggy clothes and asked people to use male pronouns when referring to her because she was too shy and insecure about trying to pass as a woman.

But deep down, Lily knew she was a girl. And it weighed heavily on her mind every day as she navigated through life pretending to be someone else.

As she turned onto her street, something caught her eye - an image spray-painted on the side of an old building. It was of two cute animals playing together - Glegle, a nonbinary creature with fluffy fur and big eyes; and Derrick, an energetic ferret with bright blue fur.

Lily couldn't help but smile at the sight of these two adorable creatures frolicking together. In that moment, they represented everything she longed for - acceptance without judgment or expectations based on societal norms.

Without hesitation, Lily took out her phone and snapped a picture of the mural before continuing on towards home.

The next day at school during lunch break, curious classmates crowded around Lily's desk asking about the photo posted on social media last night.

She explained that Glegle and Derrick were characters created by artists online who wanted to spread positivity and inclusivity in their art. The group excitedly discussed their favorite aspects of each character while munching away at their sandwiches.

For once in what seemed like forever, Lily didn't feel like an outsider amongst friends. As they chatted about different fan theories surrounding Glegle's powers or plans for creating homemade plushies inspired by Derrick, Lily felt a sense of belonging and happiness she hadn't felt in a long time.

From that day on, Glegle and Derrick became symbols of hope for Lily. Whenever she was feeling down or struggling with her identity, she would look at the photo on her phone and remember that there were others out there who accepted her for who she truly was - just like how Glegle and Derrick accepted each other. And through this newfound self-acceptance, Lily began to slowly but surely come out of her shell and embrace herself as the girl she had always been inside.

As years went by, the graffiti art faded from the old building's walls but its impact remained strong in Lily's heart. She often passed by it on purpose during walks with friends or while running errands in town, still finding comfort in knowing that somewhere out there were two cute creatures playing together without any labels or expectations holding them back.
write a story about this image
#smartai write a story about glegle and their friend in this picture

Glegle was a small, furry creature with big, round eyes and an infectious smile. They were always full of energy and enthusiasm, spreading joy wherever they went. Glegle lived in the forest with their friends - other nonbinary nonspecific animals like themselves.

One day, as Glegle was strolling through the forest, they came across a new friend - a cute ferret named Derrick. Derrick had been exploring the forest when he stumbled upon Glegle's home.

"Hi there!" Glegle exclaimed happily as they approached Derrick. "I'm Glegle! Who are you?"

"I'm Derrick," replied the ferret excitedly. "Nice to meet you!"

From that moment on, Glegle and Derrick became inseparable friends. They would spend hours playing together in the woods - climbing trees, chasing each other around and discovering new parts of the forest.

But one thing stood out about their friendship - their shared love for Blahaj. Blahaj was a stuffed shark toy that belonged to another friend of theirs who lived nearby but often visited them in the forest.

Glegle and Derek both adored Blahaj and treated him like he was real person. They would take turns carrying him around during their adventures or cuddling up next to him during breaks.

Their bond over Blahaj only made their friendship stronger as they laughed together at his silly antics or cheered each other on when facing challenges.

As time passed, it became clear to everyone in the forest that Glege and Derek were meant to be best friends forever. Their playful spirits brought so much joy not only to each other but also all those around them.

And even though some might have considered them odd because of how close they were despite being different species, neither Glege nor Derek cared one bit because true friendships know no boundaries or limitations.

They continued exploring every inch of t
write a story about glegle and their friend in this picture

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「Source code」

☝️🤓 erm I noticed that the web client's source wasn't available?

Now that's not very GPLv3 of you guys

Is there anywhere I can get the client?
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So are you really just going to close source the site against the terms of the GPL3?
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Sorry, it slipped my mind. The source maps are now available
thank you OPworm, it's appreciated.

Out of curiousity, did you do anything fancy to make the keystrokes more responsive on this site? Out of the box, meguca's liveposting is quite sluggish so I'm wondering what you did to fix that.

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im not sure what id think other than that i am reminded of ditto and mew and that failed mew theory is so fascinating
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arch linux (without archinstall)
If you're who I think you are... I miss you
I think NIXOS looks reproducable like scientific things are supposed to be, or something, but I'm always confused and run mint. Need to FOCUS AAAAAHHHHHHH But linux is great to have as a resource. I wish computers using was natural, and I always saw a walkable path to the things I want to do with them. Saw an article somewhere about how the unix philosophy failed though. I think maybe it's not even that our types of abstractions aare bad, just that we are too dumb to work with such complex machines, and need to change that if we're going to truly get good.

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I Kitty am no longer allowed to use AI or ksay commands on srg cry cry


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