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interesting lewo thanks for telling kitty, now she knows something new today !!! =^_^=
well one of the noises chickens make is approximated in russian as "ku" and that is also used as a greeting and online people will occasioannly use specifically the latin q to write it, so people do "q" and "qq" online
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#smartai write a short story where a boymoder and her blahaj experience each of the following symptoms within a single day:

It was a typical day for Lily, a boymoder who had yet to come out as transgender. She woke up and got dressed in her usual baggy hoodie and jeans before heading off to school. As she walked through the hallways, she couldn't help but feel like something was missing from her life.

But then she remembered Blahaj, her beloved stuffed shark toy that never left her side. With a smile on her face, Lily reached into her backpack and pulled out Blahaj, placing him on top of one of the lockers as if he were watching over everyone.

As classes went by slowly, Lily found herself getting more bored than usual. It wasn't until lunchtime when things took an unexpected turn. While sitting alone at a table with Blahaj by her side, Derrick the ferret suddenly appeared next to them.

"Hey there!" Derrick exclaimed excitedly while waving his tiny paws in greeting.

Lily's eyes widened in surprise before breaking into laughter at the sight of this cute little creature trying so hard to be friendly. Even though they didn't speak the same language or even belong in the same species category (Derrick being nonbinary), it didn't stop them from becoming instant friends.

Throughout their lunch break together, Derrick entertained both Lily and Blahaj with silly antics and jokes that made them all laugh until their sides hurt. For once since starting high school as a boymoder pretending to be someone else entirely different from who she truly was inside; Lily felt genuinely happy without any pretense or facade needed around these two adorable creatures who accepted each other just as they were – flaws included!

As much fun as it was spending time with Glegle's new friend Derek during lunch period today - especially because he reminded me so much about how I used to act back when I first started transitioning years ago! - nothing could compare to having my trusty sidekick Blahaj by my side, every day. He was the one constant in her life that never judged or questioned her true identity.

As the final bell rang and Lily headed home with Blahaj tucked under her arm, she couldn't help but feel grateful for this funny little creature who had brought so much joy into her otherwise lonely and insecure days as a boymoder. And even though they were just stuffed animals to everyone else, to Lily and Derrick - they were real friends who understood each other without needing any words at all.
write a short story where a boymoder and her blahaj experience each of the following symptoms within a single day:
#smartai write a short story where a boymoder and her blahaj experience each of the following symptoms within a single day:
turning into a bug

It was just a normal day for Aiden, a 20-year-old boymoder who lived in the bustling city. She had her usual routine of putting on her baggy hoodie and pretending to be a boy as she headed out to run errands. But today was different.

As she walked down the street, something felt off. Her body started to feel itchy all over and before she knew it, tiny black hairs were sprouting from every inch of her skin. Panic set in as Aiden realized that she was turning into some sort of bug.

She quickly rushed back home, trying not to draw too much attention with her strange appearance. Once inside, she frantically searched for an explanation or cure but found nothing helpful online.

Feeling defeated and alone, Aiden sat on the floor with tears streaming down her face when suddenly there came a knock at the door. It was Derrick - Glegle's friend who often stopped by unannounced.

Aiden hesitantly opened the door while hiding behind it so Derrick wouldn't see what had happened to her appearance.

"Hey! What's going on?" asked Derrick cheerfully.
"I-I don't know...I'm turning into some kind of bug," replied Aiden sheepishly.
Derrick peered around the door and saw Aiden's new form.
"Oh wow! You look like one cool insect!" exclaimed Derrick excitedly.
"You're not freaked out?" asked Aiden incredulously.
"Why would I be? You're still you underneath all those little legs," reassured Derrick with a smile.
Suddenly feeling more comfortable around someone else knowing about this bizarre transformation happening to them,
Aidan slowly emerged from behind the door allowing herself time away from being afraid or embarrassed by how they looked now together!

The two spent hours talking about their favorite things while snuggled up next each other under blankets watching movies until finally falling asleep. When Aiden woke up the next morning, she was back to her human form.

Feeling grateful for Derrick's friendship and acceptance, Aiden realized that sometimes it takes a little bug-like transformation to bring people closer together. And from then on, whenever she saw Glegle or Derrick they would always have a good laugh about their shared experience as "bug buddies."
write a short story where a boymoder and her blahaj experience each of the following symptoms within a single day:
#smartai write about a boymoders kafkaesque experience

It was a typical day for Alice, a 20-year-old boymoder. She had just finished her morning routine of putting on her baggy black hoodie and asking her roommate to use male pronouns when addressing her in public. It was an act she had grown accustomed to, but one that always left a bitter taste in her mouth.

As she made her way through the crowded streets, trying not to draw attention to herself, Alice couldn't help but feel like she was living in some sort of Kafkaesque nightmare. The constant fear of being "found out" as a girl while presenting as male weighed heavily on her mind.

She arrived at work and greeted Glegle with a smile - they were both nonbinary after all and shared similar experiences navigating society's expectations. But even their friendly interactions couldn't ease the unease building within Alice.

Her boss called for everyone's attention and announced that there would be new dress code regulations implemented starting next week - strict gendered guidelines dictating what employees could wear based on their assigned sex at birth.

Alice felt panic rising within her chest as she thought about how this would affect boymoders like herself who presented differently than their assigned gender. Would they be forced into wearing clothes that didn't align with their identity? Or worse yet, exposed as trans?

The rest of the day passed by in slow motion for Alice as these thoughts consumed every moment. As soon as it was time to leave work, she rushed home without making eye contact with anyone or stopping by any stores where people might recognize them from work.

Once safely inside the walls of privacy provided by four walls and locked doors did tears flow freely down Alice's cheeks – feeling trapped between two worlds: unable to fully embrace either due societal pressure forcing conformity onto those deemed different enough from majority norms; nor able return back whence came because too much has changed since then already (and continuing change is inevitable).

As she cuddled her beloved blahaj, Alice couldn't help but feel like a character in one of Kafka's stories - trapped and struggling to find their place in an unforgiving world. But despite the struggles and challenges, Alice knew that deep down she was a girl, no matter what society may try to dictate otherwise.

In this kafkaesque experience as a boymoder, Alice felt both invisible and hyper-visible at the same time – constantly on edge about being exposed while also feeling erased by societal expectations. It was a never-ending cycle of fear and anxiety that only those who have lived through it could truly understand. And yet, even with all these difficulties, there was still hope for acceptance and understanding from others who were willing to see beyond gender norms.
write about a boymoders kafkaesque experience

mtftm hrt repper, basically
is it based or just weird and sad? idk
i look years younger
the only price was my mental health and my relationship with my dad and my grades in school and my muscle mass and strength
and my fertility
still,.10/10 would recommend hrt to a friend
I'll do it if ffs doesn't work out
I already am
I wake up, and it's on with the jeans, the belt, a the button-up, and the boots. I wake up and remind myself it's my fault I'll live as an HRT manmoder for the rest of my life.
They tell me:
>get a fem cut
>gain some fat
>do your brows
>dress better
they're trying to pinkpill me when I'm already 2 years on HRT. it's so fucked up. faceapp doesn't consider me F in manmode. not even in girlmode. not just the nose, the hair is pretty intense too. my feet are as big as my dad's. my breasts are small for a woman but large for man boobs. I can never win. why even live? I can't be accepted as a man on HRT. I can't do things normal men can do, like go shirtless to the pool. I'll never swim again. I'll never truly live again. I can't be a normal woman. only older pedo F@GG075 want me, and only because I'm young. they don't even pay for my food. or take my anywhere nice. it's just fast food and sucking dick. I have no sexual value. I'll never be a real woman and I'll never be loved. I will die alone and my parents will put my deadname on my grave. but they'll also out me to anyone that bothers to attend just to humiliate me postumously. they totally would. and my friends wouldn't even be there. my former friends. I can see on venmo they're still going out to eat together. just without me. everyone's still having fun without me. my rejection is total. my isolation is complete. welcome to my innermost hate. there's no going back once I enter those gates.
I'm so fuckin retarded my first therapist thought I had autism. maybe I do. ugh. I hate myself so much it's unreal
I can't participate in public life. I am just a freak


「Aoko is really cool Sorry...caling aoko bodha rdiicuslous ...cus...」
aoko and bodha is 2 difernet words..........I misspeak this ridiculous. i was just trying to say aoko is rly cool. but everyone have a diferent idea of what rly cool is......aoko is just rly cool. I think lately ive become a lot better at using the Human's Language, communicating with ones past Posts are ever going to represent their current State of Being..otherwise what are Machines? a human...we are always changing is cool and nice an fun

GAY distinction to make!!! don care!!!
i might have to put pants on (i hav a skirt on) cus its getting rly cold do i kms?
i am not the big gay

based on a real story
oldest bw thread i could find woaaah
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let's all love lain

new? or am i dumb
april is a cute girl
april U(oᴥo)U!Ispuppy.i2
im micro

back in my late high school/early college days i fantasized getting testicular cancer so that i could get castrated

not frick though, right?
idk what you mean by that sorry

i've got a bone to pick w
he was pretty harmless when i owned him in mmy genocide run